Open Source for Decentralized Wireless

We believe in the tremendous power of open source software and methodologies to enable collaborative innovation. FreedomFi is focused on working with the community to build an open network core leveraging Magma. The Magma project is the primary open source network project to enable decentralized 5G networks and FreedomFi has become one of the leading contributors to the project’s development.

Why Open Source?

Network Core is the operating system of a cellular network. The radios you install, customer billing and security systems you configure and monitoring systems you deploy will all talk to each other through a set of standard interfaces of the network core. Small cell vendors often hard-bundle network core software with the radio hardware, which locks you into their radio brand. Larger NEPs claim vendor agnostic network core software, but it always carries a bias towards their solution stack. Choosing an open source network core is the only way to run the cellular network on your terms.

Cloud-Native. API-Centric. Distributed.

Magma Network Core architecture is comprised of three key components




Access Gateway




Federation Gateway


MNO Core

Join The Growing Community

If you want to learn more about Magma or contribute, here are some resources to get you going.

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