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Easiest way to get a refund is to use our waitlist status check tool, click here. Once you receive an email just click on the refund button.

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We are continuously delivering orders in preference of order inline. Please click here to know your order inline. We will be delivering all orders by Q1, 2022 turn by turn. For roadmap please click here.

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Currently we are only delivering indoor small cells to our reservation holders who have placed successful orders of bundle. If you have mistakenly ordered gateway only, you can fill form below with your order details so your order can be updated. Please note that we don't charge indoor small cell amount at time of placing order of gateway or bundle. Email is sent later on when your reservation order inline for indoor small cell reaches and at that point you have to pay for it yourself.

Our initial release focuses on mobile data offload using the CBRS spectrum band, which is only available in the US. As we expand into Wi-Fi-based mobile data offload and add new data roaming partners and radio vendors, we’ll be rolling out the services in countries out of the US. Expect to hear more towards the mid of 2022.

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