FreedomFi CBRS for Enterprise and Private Networks

Take control of the cellular network covering your location more affordably and flexibly using open source software and commodity hardware. Until recently, the only options to improve cellular coverage at private locations were to convince a large wireless operator to add cells or buy and install expensive proprietary wireless network solutions.
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FreedomFi and it’s partner ecosystem offer plug and play CBRS gateways, small cells and SIM cards that make setting up 5G CBRS cellular networks easier than ever. Since they are designed to be deployed by the decentralized wireless community, they are designed to be easy to set up and maintain.
Because it’s all based on open standards and open source software, you have the freedom to select among suppliers and buy commodity antennas and other components to build your network just the way you want it without spending a fortune or getting locked into a proprietary system.

Since the gateways connect to the emerging decentralized wireless community, you even have the option to earn crypto for sharing access to data over your network with the subscriber community. In the future, there will be the ability to run in full private network mode for maximum security and control.

Today, FreedomFi gateways, small cells and SIM cards are available to order in our online store

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