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If your waitlist order number is between 001 and 3197 you will receive an email during the next 48 hours to complete the order.

5G Deployment Timeline

Please note the below timeline is an approximation of key milestones for deploying cellular wireless protocol on the Helium network. Some of the milestones and dates may change overtime due to circumstances outside of our control.

    • 500-1000 FreedomFi Gateways shipped to reservation holders
    • First data offload partner announced
    • Implementation of 5G proof-of-coverage for Helium starts
    • 1500 FreedomFi Gateways shipped to reservation holders
    • 1000 indoor CBRS small cells shipped to gateway owners
    • First cellular data on Helium mainnet
    • First outdoor CBRS small cell announced
    • 4000 gateways shipped to reservation holders (all April/May waitlist orders fulfilled)
    • 1500 indoor CBRS small cells shipped
    • 1000 outdoor CBRS small cell shipped
    • Testing of Proof-of-Coverage for CBRS starts
    • Wi-Fi offload access point announced

Beta program for 5G Helium

Beta program for 5G Helium mining is expected to open to public in September 2021, at which point we will release a limited number of FreedomFi gateways, capable of mining HNT cryptocurrency. The complete 5G mining setup will consist of a FreedomFi Gateway and a cellular radio designed to operate in the CBRS band, that will be provided by a certified radio partner. The cost of a complete 5G mining setup is expected to be between $1000 – $3000, depending on the power characteristics and consequent mining potential of the radio.

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