Processing Orders from Reservation List 1 & 2 (Order inline 001 to 13,568)

5G Deployment Timeline

Please note the below timeline is an approximation of key milestones for deploying cellular wireless protocol on the Helium network. Milestones and dates may change overtime due to circumstances outside of our control and we’ll do our best to keep the timeline up to date.

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    • First 500 FFi Gateways shipped to reservation holders
    • GigSky is announced as the first data offload partner
    • HIP 37 PoC for CBRS and Wi-Fi published and under community review
    • 1500 gateways shipped
    • First outdoor CBRS radio announced
    • 5G waitlist re-opened for another ~10K units
    • 4000 gateways shipped (all waitlist orders)
    • 1500 indoor radios shipped
    • 1000 outdoor radios shipped. PoC for CBRS starts on mainnet
    • Wi-Fi offload access point announced

Beta program for 5G Helium

We have integrated our first Indoor radio (FREEDOMFI ONE) and began shipping them to customers. Additionally, we are also working on plug and play for our first Outdoor Radio. The cost of a complete 5G mining setup is between $2500-$5000, depending on the power characteristics and consequent mining potential of the radio. To complete the picture of earning HNT with omni protocols, we will be working with Gigsky and Dish to reach an agreement for data offloading, as well as getting HIP 37 passed in 2022.