The Future of
Networks is Hybrid

The Future of Networks is Hybrid

FreedomFi believes the future of mobile services are hybrid networks, combining the best of traditional operators with decentralized community networks. Decentralized wireless networks can complement traditional operator network towers and large cells, adding densification and filling dead spots to provide more complete coverage to subscribers. DeWi can expand mobile service to areas that currently lack coverage, such as inside businesses, rural communities, parks and low income neighborhoods.
For traditional wireless carriers, the Open 5G network provides opportunities to provide low cost roaming to areas not covered by their own cellular networks. As an alternative to trying to cover lower priority areas and insides of businesses by adding thousands of additional cellular base stations, MNOs and MVNOs can partner with FreedomFi to access the community driven DeWi network to provide access to more people, in more places at lower cost. Together, we can improve lives and expand opportunities through better access to mobile services.
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