Mosolabs Outdoor CBRS Small Cell

Mosolabs outdoor cbrs small cell

Plug-and-Play Setup Guide

Prerequisites: This guide assumes that your FreedomFi gateway is already set up and is running. FreedomFi gateway software is updated to 1.12.2 or later.

Initial Connectivity Setup

To start, we will be placing the Outdoor small cell inside near a window and next to your network gear to confirm a set of preliminary checks. This validates that things are working before the outdoor small cell is deployed to its permanent location where it may be difficult to access. 

Step 1 – Connect POE+ Injector
Connect the included POE+ Injector to a wall socket or a UPS. The POE+ injector should be installed indoors as it is not weatherproof. Extension cords (especially daisy-chained) are not recommended.
Step 2 – Connect Ethernet cable to POE+ Injector

Connect the Ethernet cable to the port labeled LAN on the POE+ injector.

Step 3 – Connect the Ethernet cable to the Gateway

Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the port labeled eNB1 the FreedomFi Gateway. Two additional CBRS small cells are supported on the eNB2 and eNB3 ports.

Step 4 – Connect POE+ Ethernet Cable to the POE+ Injector

Connect an outdoor-rated Ethernet cable to the port labeled “POE” on the POE+ injector. The length of this cable should be long enough to reach the permanent location where you want to deploy the small cell. This will be the only cable that you need to route outside. 

NOTE: Ethernet cables must be 330ft/100m or less in total length.

Here is an example: Outdoor Rated Cable

WARNING! Ensure that you are installing your POE in a watertight enclosure/environment and that water is unable to travel down the CAT cable and into your POE. This can cause permanent damage which is not covered under warranty.

Step 5 – Connect POE+ Ethernet cable to the Outdoor Small Cell

Assemble the weather seal around the end of your Ethernet cable. 

Connect the other end of the outdoor rated Ethernet cable to the Outdoor small cell POE+ labeled port.

For now, don’t worry about the location of the outdoor small cell. We will be moving the outdoor small cell to a permanent location at a later point, but it is best to connect the cables while inside to make sure things are working. 

Step 6 – Verify Connectivity status

Visit the small cell dashboard using: http://freedomfi-gateway.local

If all goes well, you should see the following in the small cell dashboard. Spectrum Access will be “TRYING” and On Air will be “OFF” until the small cell registration is submitted and approved.

Step 7 – Recording Height
You will be required to submit the height of the installation and a photo to verify it.

Here are some ideas on how to get the height:  

Take a photo that shows the small cell and the ground. Sample Verification photo: 

Step 8 – Recording Azimuth Angle

Azimuth is a fancy name for the compass direction in which the center of the antenna is pointing. NOAA has a free website that uses any phone accelerometer + compass to find azimuth. You can also use the built in Apple iPhone Compass app for this as well. (featured in the picture below)

Steps to collect this photo:

The sample picture is showing azimuth angle of 193 degrees. 

Step 9 – Recording Elevation Angle

The elevation angle is a fancy name for “is it pointing up or down from level.” The reference point is the middle of the antenna. You can again use a free app on your phone to find this value: 

Steps to collect this photo: 

The sample image is showing 4 degrees of down-tilt elevation angle using iOS App Measure. 

Step 10 –Register small cell
Now that you have the small cell information and photos, you will need to submit them for CPI approval.

Access the Radio Dashboard by pointing your web browser to http://freedomfi-gateway.local from a device on the same network as the FreedomFi Gateway. NOTE: The outdoor small cell MUST be powered on and connected to the FreedomFi Gateway to appear on the Radio Dashboard. 

You will receive an email confirming your submission and then be notified by email with the status of your registration within 72 hours.

Step 11 – Verify small cell is Online

Once you get the CPI approval notification, your small cell should be ready to go.
To check, navigate to the Radio Dashboard and verify that the registration status is approved, and the statuses are all Green. 


Appendix - Troubleshooting Small Cell Status

To access the local dashboard, point your web browser to http://freedomfi-gateway.local from a device on the same network as the FreedomFi Gateway. Click on Radio Dashboard.

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