Nova Labs - FreedomFi FAQ

Q: Why is Nova Labs acquiring FreedomFi?

A: By combining forces, Nova Labs and FreedomFi aim to accelerate the technology development and roll-out of the Helium 5G network. The companies had already been collaborating closely on integrating the 5G network to the Helium blockchain and have a high alignment on strategy. The FreedomFi team brings significant expertise building 3GPP (4G, 5G, etc) networks and open source development to the Nova Labs team and the two teams have complementary skill sets.

Q: How will the Helium community benefit from Nova Labs and FreedomFi coming together?

A: The Helium community will benefit from faster development and evolution of Helium 5G, which will result in a more successful project for all participants.

Q: Will FreedomFi operate independently as a subsidiary or will the FreedomFi team integrate with the Nova Labs team?

A: FreedomFi and Nova Labs will integrate into a single team, with the former mainly responsible for all aspects of Helium 5G rollout.

Q: Will FreedomFi continue its contributions to various, connectivity related open source projects?

A: Yes, FreedomFi will continue to leverage and contribute to various open source projects, including Magma.

Q: Will FreedomFi continue to make branded gateways?

A: Yes, FreedomFi will continue limited, direct sales of gateways and small cells. However, as it has been with FreedomFi standalone, the focus will primarily remain on enablement of innovation from partners in the ecosystem.

Q: Will FreedomFi continue to license and support plug-and-play Helium 5G software for other manufacturers of Helium 5G CBRS gateway and small cells?

A: Yes, FreedomFi will continue to license “easy enough for a goat” plug-and-play software to gateway and CBRS small cell partners through the Powered by FreedomFi program. There are no changes to this program as a part of this announcement. FreedomFi customers can still contact the FreedomFi team here and FreedomFi Support Contact here.

Q: Will there be additional Helium 5G compatible gateways and CBRS small cell options available in the future?

A: Yes, several additional Powered by FreedomFi devices are in development and are expected to become available over the course of the next six months.

Q: Will macro network operator partnerships still be announced for the Helium 5G network?

A: Negotiations are ongoing, but are expected to produce a strong partnership that will support the growth and expanded usage of the Helium 5G network.

Q: Will FreedomFi and the Helium Mobile subDAO still add support for WiFi6 in addition to CBRS?

A: Yes, there is active development on a solution for WiFi6. This will enable expansion of the Helium mobile network globally, beyond the United States-only limitations of the CBRS cellular system being deployed today.

Q: How can people participate in The People’s 5G Network?

A: Purchase and set up a FreedomFi or Powered by FreedomFi gateway and compatible CBRS small cell, and get it onboarded to the Helium network. Helium 5G Hotspot operators will be able to earn the new MOBILE tokens as compensation for their contributions of cellular coverage and data. Powered by FreedomFi partners that sell compatible Helium Mobile gateways and CBRS small cells include: Baicells, Bobcat, CalChip Connect, Mosolabs and Parley Labs.

Q: How can I stay updated on news from Nova Labs and FreedomFi?

A: Subscribe to the Nova Labs newsletter here.

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