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We Help You Build Your Private Network.

At FreedomFi we are committed to helping customers build cost efficient and easy to manage Private LTE and 5G networks using open standards. Software underpinning everything we build is based on a permissively licensed, Private 5G software stack called Magma. We test, bug fix and prepackage Magma-based open source software into an easy to use, carrier-grade private cellular network solution.


Order FreedomFi Gateway(s)

FreedomFi Gateway is a radio agnostic LTE/5G network core (aka EPC). It sits between the small cell radio and the Internet. Unlike a typical EPC, FreedomFi features a distributed, horizontally scalable data plane. That means instead of home-routing all of your traffic through a single choke point, you deploy many small gateways at the edge and all of them peer together into a single network with no single point of failure. You can use FreedomFi Gateways with LTE/5G radios from any vendor and, generally, deploy one FreedomFi gateway per cell site.

Under the hood, FreedomFi Gateway is based on Magma Access Gateway software that we test and bug fix to make it enterprise ready.


Get Access to Magma Orchestrator

Magma Orchestrator is the user interface for managing your network. This is where you’ll input the list of SIM cards that are allowed to access your network, set quality of service rules for the individual subscribers, manage data plans and monitor the network to make sure things run smoothly.


$300/month $600/month
Max Gateways
info iconinfo icon

Maximum number of FreedomFi Gateways you are allowed to connect and manage to your instance or Magma Orchestrator.

1 20 Unlimited
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Ability to create and manage multiple, indepedent Private LTE/5G networks.

No No Yes
Custom URL & Branding
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An option to white-label Magma Orchestrator access with your own domain name, logo and color theme. Your users won’t even know that you are working with FreedomFi 😉

No No Yes

Radios, Spectrum, SIMs and other goodies

A few other important things you may need to get going with the private cellular network are LTE/5G radios, access to spectrum and SIM cards. You can get those on your own or we can help you out… up to you.

RF Planning & Radio Procurement

We’ll ask you to provide a Google Maps link with the location(s) that you’d like to cover with cellular signal. Based on this data, we’ll perform a remote site survey and suggest radio gear optimal for your use case. A location = any single contiguous area.


Pre-Programmed SIM Cards (US only)

We’ll ship SIM cards with your order already programmed to work with your network. Only available in the US.


Access to CBRS Spectrum (US only)

We’ll provide access to interference free, 5G ready CBRS spectrum through our partnership with Google and Federated Wireless. Only available in the US.


Remote Network Bring-up

Our solutions engineers will handhold you through the entire process of setting up your first cellular network site, including configuring the radios, the gateways and user equipment. We guarantee that the network will work and pass traffic or your money back.


Choose Your Support Plan

8×5 Support

SLA Support via customer service portal and dedicated private slack channel. SLA Details.

24×7 Support

SLA Support via customer service portal and dedicated private slack channel. Dedicated customer success manager. SLA Details.

Community Support

No SLA. We’ll provide best effort support through Magma community mailing list and slack channel. Just join and give us a holler.

Total: $0


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