Pollen Radio Migration Guide

How to Migrate your Pollen Radio
Step 1
To get started with migration*, check that your Radio is compatible with the Helium Network.

*Be aware that migration is a 1-way action. If you plug in a Pollen Radio into a FreedomFi gateway, the radio will automatically upgrade the firmware for use on the Helium Network and
cannot be reverted back to a radio for use on the Pollen Network.

If you have Moso Indoor Radio, please get in touch with Moso Labs support at support@mosolabs.com, and they will help convert the Radio.

Step 2

Acquire a FreedomFi Gateway. If you already have a FreedomFi Gateway, skip to step 4.

For a limited time, Nova Labs is offering Pollen migrators 50% off 1 (one) FreedomFi Gateway to assist in the migration of your radios. Use the code zh78c84n at checkout. Limit 1 per customer.
Step 3
Onboard the FreedomFi Gateway. Follow the onboarding guide here: https://freedomfi.com/freedomfi-gateway-setup-guide/.
Step 4
Plug in your compatible Pollen Radios into one of the eNB ethernet ports (eNB1, 2 or 3) of the FreedomFi gateway. Leave all hardware powered on and connected.
Step 5
Access the local dashboard starting February 14, 2023 on the FreedomFi gateway (http://freedomfi-gateway.local) and read the consent notice and approve the upgrade by checking the box.
Step 6

After confirming consent, Click the “Migrate Radio Now” button.

Step 7
Wait for the firmware update to complete. This can take up to 30 minutes with many reboots, this is normal.
Step 8
If successful, you’ll see the radio on the FreedomFi gateway’s local dashboard http://freedomfi-gateway.local like any other Helium capable radio.
Step 9

Once you have confirmation, submit your CPI request to Nova Labs using the “Register
Radio” button in the local dashboard as described in step 10 here

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